14. 4. 2014 v IT

What I've learned about AngularJS in last year

Althought I don't consider myself to be an AngularJS expert, I used this framework at various degrees on 4 projects in last 12 months. Based on my experience, today, when someone would ask me for some advices about Angular, I would give these:

  • Don't use Resources. It looks nice but you probably won't have appropriate REST API available. Use rather lower level $http.
  • Don't be too excited about Routes, they won't probably suit your needs.
  • Be patient with solving issues. Most of discussions takes place on Google groups and it's real hell to find some answer here compared to Stackoverflow.
  • If you're not much familiar with JavaScript, most of the issues you will solve won't be Angular issues but JavaScript issues.
  • Be very careful and sceptic about using any of the many libraries that are for angular available. Most of them look nice but they're still very buggy.
  • Glorify Angular templates. One can easily forget that DOM manipulation mess ever existed until he has to write some code just with JS + jQuery again.

Would you agree with me or do you consider this rather as an "Angular rookie" opinion?

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